Couldn’t stay away (Or: On to B2-C1)

Last night I signed up for another Dutch course! I know that I said I would wait until the Spring… but I guess I just couldn’t stay away. This one will focus just on Dutch conversation though (to try and improve my speaking skills) rather than a full course offering (reading, writing, listening, speaking). The course I signed up for was at the B2-C1 level (see Wikipedia). Woo — moving into the ‘proficient user’ stage! Of course it comes with a textbook – which appeals to the librarian in me!

It begins in a few weeks – after Marco and I go on vacation next week. We’re heading off to the east of the country – Arnhem, Maastricht and the like.

Ik kijk uit naar vakantie, hoor!

Keep calm and learn Dutch

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7 thoughts on “Couldn’t stay away (Or: On to B2-C1)

  1. You just couldn’t help yourself eh! Good going Niki!! You rule.

  2. Good luck with the course. For me speaking is the most difficult part as well.

    • I am hoping it helps. 🙂 Luckily the course is done just before Christmas. I’ve had a few where it keeps going until February!

      • I live in Amsterdam and I did in August one month intensive advanced course in University of Amsterdam and it was quite helpful. It is always nice to be surrounded with people who also want to learn Dutch:)

        • Yeah… And the best part is the higher your level of Dutch gets, the more the classmates care. Though usually half of more still don’t do the homework. 😛

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