In search of baking soda (Or: Zuiveringszout)

Yesterday Marco made soft baked pretzels. The recipe called for baking soda; you dip the pretzels in it before they are put in to bake. We knew that you could get baking soda at the local expat store (Kelly’s) but I was curious to see if it was available at any Dutch stores. While doing some Google searches I came across this article from Kiwidutch. I found out that baking soda is zuiveringszout in Dutch and it is more likely to be found at drug stores rather than the local grocery store. Oddly it is cheaper as an import item than at the local Dutch store…

On the way to the expat store we came across an interesting metal sculpture depicting two bicyclists in the rain (note the umbrellas).

Dutch metal sculpture of bikers with umbrellas

click for a larger size


I just noticed the bicycle shop across the street (Top bikes), too. How Dutch!

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4 thoughts on “In search of baking soda (Or: Zuiveringszout)

  1. Thank you for the mention and link back to my post…
    Excellent that you found it helpful and that you got to Kelly Kelly’s to get it too.

    I think at least half of my New Zealand baking recipes include Baking Soda as an ingredient so I was going around the twist until I finally got hold of it the first time.

    The statue in your post is a classic in The Hague and very well known, raising many a smile as people go past, and many a cyclist has mirrored this image on a stormy day. If you are in the neighbourhood again look for this too:

  2. You should check your local toko shop for baking soda. It’s usually cheaper than the expat shops.

    • It actually wasn’t too bad of a price at Kelly’s, although it would be nicer to find something a bit closer to home. Thanks for the advice; I will take a look. πŸ™‚

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