Apples and apple devices (Or: Insane markups)

Someone left an apple in the work cafeteria over the weekend apparently. It sat there all morning and afternoon. Late in the day on Monday, someone had taken the opportunity to write a note:

Apple awaiting an upgradeThe note says: “Is this Apple device awaiting an upgrade?”

As most of you know, Apple held their Apple Watch event on May 9th. I never was one to wear watches – I am sure I did at some point as a kid but it wasn’t a habit. So that part didn’t really have my attention. But at some point I checked the website and realized they were announcing a new 12″ Macbook. I am on the market for a new device sometime later in the year, and have been considering switching to a Mac for a while. Scandalous, I know.

However, after doing some research I decided to forego this particular model. It prioritizes form over function. Don’t get me wrong – it is an amazing laptop with a full sized keyboard and retina screen (2304 x 1440), as well as being ridiculously light (under 2 pounds/1 kilo) and thin (13.1mm). But the main thing I am looking for is a decent gaming laptop — not great, mind you — and the processor inside the Macbook is Intel’s Core M processor which is a few years out of date. It’s actually a step back from last year’s Macbook Air’s processor, even.

And then there is the price in the Netherlands versus the price in America. In America you can purchase the lower-end model for $1,299. In the Netherlands, the same machine would cost you €1,499 (a difference of about €267 or $281). Wow.

So the hunt continues. And that’s just fine – I enjoy the hunt just as much as actually holding the product in my hands anyway.

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