And now for Vietnamese food (Or: Little V in The Hague)

Marco and I went with his mom to Little V, a Vietnamese restaurant just off the Centrum area in the Rabbijnmaarsenplein. The plaza also has a noodle bar, an Asian restaurant and a sushi restaurant. It’s right next to Chinatown. But until WWII, Jews lived there. Rabbijnmaarsenplein is named after rabbi Isaac Maarsen (1892-1943). There’s a wiki article about the neighborhood in Dutch.

The food and cocktails were great. The service was fast. We were given the option of receiving appetizers and the main course at once or apart, and we also had the option to get the main course as soon as we were done with the appetizers or to wait a bit. Paying was also hassle free- I am used to the Dutch culture where no one can be found when you want to pay because everyone thinks you want to converse for four hours…

Here are some of the photos from the restaurant:

appetizers at Little V in The Hague

appetizers – in the foreground at right is chicken spring rolls. In the back is shrimp spring rolls. And at left are rice rolls with chicken and vegetables inside.

Hot mama cocktail at Little V in The Hague

“Hot mama” cocktail – an attempt at sour spiciness. The spiciness wasn’t quite evident but it was definitely a good lemonade.

Lady Dragon iced tea at Little V

Lady Dragon – a watermelon flavored ice tea (non-alcoholic)

Chicken carbonade in coconut curry at Little V

My dish – chicken cutlet in coconut curry sauce. Yum.

shrimp dish at Little V in The Hague

Marco’s mom’s shrimp dish

noodle dish and vegetables at Little V in The Hague

noodle dish (at right) and vegetable dish at left, both to share

Vegetables at Little V in The Hague

Another vegetable dish (we had so many dishes to share we could have easily cut one out, but we did manage to polish off almost everything)

beef skewers at Little V in The Hague

Marco’s dish – grilled beef skewers. He was also able to request a hotter version of sambal to add to his food (the waitress and him were talking about spiciness when he ordered the Hot Mama drink to start with)

I think I mostly write these blog posts to show my parents that I do eat more than just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches these days…

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2 thoughts on “And now for Vietnamese food (Or: Little V in The Hague)

  1. Sherry

    Food looks yummy. I’m glad you are eating more than pb&j.

  2. It’s gotten to the point where she’s the one suggesting we try new and weird foods. Soon she’ll start refusing to eat regular chicken 🙂

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