Haagse Historie (Or: A new website)

On Twitter I found reference to a web portal called Haagse Historie. The website went live yesterday, but unfortunately it is just in Dutch (but that is why we have website translators, right?). The website must be good – the front page currently links to the ‘Haagse Beeldbank’ (The Hague image bank). The first time I opened the website I was greeted with a lot of  tram pictures. Little known fact (maybe): I’ve fallen in love with trams and spend way too much time checking HTM‘s website, the bus/tram provider for The Hague and surrounding areas.

Photos of trams

The web portal links to various websites like Haagse kaart, Fonds 1818, Haagse Herinneringen (Hague memories), and more. It also tries to find photos of your search term. If you’re not sure what to put in, try putting in your street name! I found a photo of my street from the early 1900s.

There is actually a lot of archival websites for The Hague. The Hague maintains a list, although the page is in Dutch. Finally, the website also mentioned that they opened a fifth Historisch Informatiepunt (HIP) in the Central Library on the 4th floor. It’s another way to research the history of The Hague and its neighborhoods.

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