Remembrance (Or: Flowers by statues at Rabbijn Maarsenplein)

Recently Marco and I explored the neighborhood (Rabbijn Maarseplein) just outside of Spui/Grote Markt, past Hema. I came across a statue of a woman:

Statue at Rabbijn Maarsenplein with flowers

I am not sure why the flowers are there, but I suspect it has something to do with World War II. There is also a nearby monument to Jewish children who perished due to the war. Amsterdam’s public transportation was recently stopped for one minute to remember the February 1941 strike in protest of the prosecution of Jews (Dutch | English).

But I am actually not finding much about the statue of the woman online. Does anyone know anything further?

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3 thoughts on “Remembrance (Or: Flowers by statues at Rabbijn Maarsenplein)

  1. The statue is called ‘wereldwijf’ and was sculpted by Ingrid Rollema in 1984. It was originally placed on the voldersgracht. What the significance is to any WWII remembrance i am not sure about. But thats all i could find.

    • Ha! That was quick, thanks. I’ll have to look into it further now. (How exactly did you find that information, anyway?)

      • You’re welcome 🙂

        I searched for something like ‘standbeelden den haag centrum’ and went from there.
        Still not much info.

        But once i found the statue i could search on name and sculptor which also netted very little tbh.
        Just that it was initially at the voldersgracht which i guess means in between the HEMA and C&A but was sorta lost in the shuffle of parked bikes and what not.

        I did find a blog post from like 2013 about some guy being neighbor with the lady that the statue portrays. Also, not too much info there. 🙂

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