FOAM at home (Or: Mezze mania)

Today Marco and I feasted on Middle Eastern mezze (a selection of small dishes) from FOAM here in The Hague. Check it out:

And a photo from above:

Yum yum yum. The meal included:

  • hummus⁠
  • menemen with tofu⁠
  • taboulleh⁠
  • gevuld koolblad⁠
  • manakish za’atar⁠
  • kofte⁠
  • batata harra⁠
  • bourekas⁠
  • baklava⁠

My favorites included the menemen with tofu (I don’t like tofu. Or at least I tell myself that. But the tofu from FOAM is always delicious) and the batata harra. And I had no clue what any of the stuff was before eating it, with the exception of the hummus and the baklava. But it was really good! The perfect dinner for a Friday evening.

Happy weekend everyone.

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