Lights above the Netherlands (Or: Elon Musk’s satellites)

Mysterious lights above the Netherlands turn out to be satellites from Elon Musk) –, article in Dutch. The satellites are part of his Starlink project which aims to put 12,000 satellites into low orbit by 2024 so that everyone in the world can have fast internet. (Nice goal, but wow, space is already really crowded!)

And another space-related article: Chinese rocket’s chaotic fall to Earth highlights problem of space junk from the Experts have no idea where it will land – anywhere in the southern hemisphere is currently a possibility. You can follow its path from They predict it will crash in the next 12 hours. Its current speed as it spins around the earth is 26,183km/h (17,518 mph). Yikes! Oh, and did I mention this rocket is about 100 feet tall and weighs 22 tons? Here is hoping it either burns up in the atmosphere or lands in an ocean somewhere.

Today’s dinner menu? Saté with rice and peanut sauce, pickled peppers/onions and kroepoek. Saté is the one meal Marco and I made in America for my family (we stowed away the most important ingredients in our suitcases). Tasty stuff.

I can relate to this:

Hopefully in June I can go to the library and check out (physical) books again!

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2 thoughts on “Lights above the Netherlands (Or: Elon Musk’s satellites)

  1. Blewbird

    Advantage: we are going to get very fast and reliable internet everywhere.
    Disadvantages: you’ll have to pay for it and there will be no more privacy and anonymous use like we know now. But that (the latter) could also be an advantage of course. X-cuse my English, please. Love, b.

    • Your English is great. If only my Dutch was that good. 🙂 It will be interesting to see which way this goes. I hope it is a benefit to have these satellites, even if there are negatives as well.

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