Signs (Or: Alcohol and minors in the Netherlands)

Here is a random sign found at a bar in the Hague.

We sell no alcohol to minors under 16.

We sell no hard liquor (spirits) to minors under 18.

Other fun facts: minors can drink at home, under parental supervision. Minors can only enter a shop if are with someone over the age of 21. Supermarkets don’t sell hard liquor – only beer, wine, and similar with an alcohol content below 14 percent.

And thus ends my random Wednesday blog post. Here’s a post about the day Wednesday from Juno in Holland.

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4 thoughts on “Signs (Or: Alcohol and minors in the Netherlands)

  1. D.

    Well, that isn’t quite true. For the supermarket part that is.

    People who are younger than 16 and want to buy some alcoholic stuff and have one or more persons in their group who are older than 16 may -want- to buy something. But the new rules in the Netherlands for supermarkets is that they have to check everyone from a group on their age if the persons look like they are younger than 21. The cassier can then refuse to give it to them.

    There are also some “mystery-shoppers” which are being sent to supermarkets to see if the cashier does check their age and if they can take it with them. If the cashier gives it to them, and violate the rules with that , then she/he is getting an official warning from their work.

    Some supermarkets also do have a “Slijterij” which means liquor store, like the supermarkt where I work, this is a special room in the store with all kinds of hard liquor, ofcourse people younger than 18 can’t take all the things at that room with them. The new goods for in the slijterij are also in a cage which is locked and is only opened when they are unloading them and putting them at their places on the shelf in the slijterij.

    For thus far the alcoholic rules in the Netherlands. By the way there is also “coma-zuipen” which is referred to young people who have drunk so much that they are in a coma. Which is happing more and more each year in the Netherlands.

    But I don’t drink that much 😉

    • My supermarket (Shoprite) has a beer aisle, plus a “freezer” room with beer/etc at much colder tempatures.

      Of course, right next to Shoprite is Shoprite Liquors (separate building) so it’s good for one stop shopping. It’s where I got the Van Gogh chocolate flavored vodka…good stuff. They were sampling it one day and I eventually got a bottle about half a year later..

  2. Marco

    Yeah, but coma-zuipen is pretty much what many newly over aged Americans do as well.
    I’ve known several people who only wanted to go get drunk “because they could” on their 21st birthday and ended up in a puddle on the bathroom floor.

    • In my defense, he’s not talking about me, I swear! I did not really hang out with Marco online when I was 21, and my 21st birthday was spent with my parents at… Applebees? I had a strawberry daiquiri and they didn’t even card me. Grr! 🙂

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