Tegenstellingen (Or: Heavy and light, wet and…)

One of the more random things I have been doing lately is studying tegenstellingen, or opposites in Dutch. It has mostly been helpful.

This was one page of the 6 or so pages of notes. Some of them are easier than others. Like stroef is rough, and glad is smooth. But good luck pronouncing glad if you’re not used to speaking Dutch. It’s not easy!

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5 thoughts on “Tegenstellingen (Or: Heavy and light, wet and…)

  1. You are doing great Niki. I am impressed. My vocabulary was limited to anything to do with laundry, dry-cleaning, and of course Beer . Virginia

    • Ik wil bier als het is koud. 🙂
      I want beer when it’s cold.
      Of course, there’s probably a mistake somewhere in there… ;p

  2. Marco

    Word order. You probably this on purpose so I could mutter that phrase 🙂

  3. D.

    I read and hear from people that pronouncing the character G is difficult for people who are not used to it. But it seems you are doing fine with learning Dutch. Good luck! ;3

    • Actually I have less trouble with G than NOT pronouncing the G in inappropriate places. Like words with h’s. It’s like I finally figured out how to do it (well, somewhat decently, I wouldn’t call it a “good” g) and now my mind wants to overdo it!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes 😉

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