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It’s a bird! (Or: Graffiti in Delft)

Last month or so Marco and I went to Ikea in Delft to look for some random supplies. We ended up purchasing funnels for the kitchen (random) and reading lights for the bedroom (intended).

On the way to Ikea (by bus) we went under an overpass which had some really interesting graffiti…

graffiti in Delft

That’s one aggie bird.

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Chaos (Or: Feeding the birds)

A random shot of someone feeding the birds in a nearby canal in The Hague:

feeding the birds in The Hague

Picture about 4 times as many birds than shown – this was the close-up. There’s even some swans in there waiting to get fed (and of course due to their large size they get first choice at the food!).

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Laziness (Or: Pigeons who refuse to move)

A few days ago I had to make a trip to Albert Heijn to get some groceries. On the way there I saw a flock of pigeons just lounging around listlessly. One of them was even lying down, not caring at all that people were walking only a few feet away from it.

lazy pigeons in The Hague

The birds have a pretty good life in this city. Plenty of food and not many predators. We also have a lot of seagulls that hang around in The Hague. At first I thought they come over from the nearby beach in Scheveningen but they seem to hang around in The Hague year-round. I once saw 20-30 seagulls screeching loudly at some point across the street and dive bombing the area, only to realize after a few seconds that some woman had dumped a lot of old stale bread over the railing down to the street below. That bread was completely gone, with the exception of crumbs, in less than 30 seconds.

Of course, on the way back, the same pigeon pictured above was there, still not moving…

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Bird nests (Or: The A in Hema)

As I was walking past Hema a few days ago, just after 8AM, I noticed something peculiar in the A of the logo. A bird nest:

bird nest in the A of the Hema

A closer look:

bird nest in the A of the Hema 2

Good choice for a nest — the capital letter (A) offers the most protection from predators.

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Migration (Or: Attack of the birds)

While I was at my parents’ last weekend, we noticed a huge swarm of birds pecking in the backyard grass. They just kept coming, and coming, and coming… and then at one point, they all flew off (at the same time of course, in only the uncanny way birds can achieve). But they didn’t go far – only to the roof in the front of the house.

Back and forth, back and forth, from the front yard to the back. At some point, they all flew away together for good:

In the background, you can see a local community college. Just beyond our fence is protected prairie grass – it is against the law to cut it. It extends down the entire subdivision, in both directions. We lucked out however – just on the left side, you can see a small natural path of grass. W’e’re one of the few houses which has a path out to the college. Everyone else has to walk a bit.

Of course, the one thing the prairie grass hides is coyotes – we could never leave the dogs unattended while they were outside. I heard you could sometimes see coyote eyes staring back at you at night…

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