Blue M&Ms (Or: That’s a lot of frequent flyer miles)z

I sort of hinted at this story in one of the comments I left earlier this week. During the early part of 2009 (while I was still studying at Rutgers in New Brunswick), Marco and Roger took their annual trip to New York City. Of course these days, they get to NYC a bit more often since they can crash at my place and not pay hotel prices.

This would also be the Spring of 2009 where they visited in February and April AND Marco came back in late June (June 25, the day Michael Jackson died).  If you’re counting, that’s three trips to the States in 4 and a half months! It was a great Spring 2009, let me tell you.

The first trip, Marco was there during Valentine’s Day. It was the first time we were together for that holiday. As they arrived in the city before I came up to spend time with them, he took the occasion to visit M&M’s World in Times Square. He knew that my favorite color was blue (peanut M&M’s – yum!), so he decided to get me a light blue color and a dark blue color.

A HUGE wall of M&Ms (regular and peanut) for you to choose from. Oddly the smell of chocolate was way more overpowering in the Hershey store than it was here, but that was a much smaller store. — June 2011

The only problem was, when he went to hit the button to release some of the M&M’s, he wasn’t expecting the amount that rushed out. So the first bag was about a pound – yet he still wanted to get me some of the other color. So like any good boyfriend would do, he decided that I must get a pound in the other color as well! (And the prices in that store aren’t that forgiving, either.)

Welcome to the M&M store. It’s not Times Square without huge flashy signs! Even the police station (not pictured) has a neon sign… – June 2011

It was definitely an M&M filled Valentine’s Day…

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5 thoughts on “Blue M&Ms (Or: That’s a lot of frequent flyer miles)z

  1. No lamps were hurt in the making of this blog post.

  2. You can have too many blue M & M’s , or be too rich, or too thin. You gotta love that Marco. Virginia

  3. Hey Niki, thanks for hiavng a look at my blog. Good to hear you’re planning on moving to NL, just a quick tip, never call voetbal (footbal) soccer here It’s THE national sports and we are pretty proud of it and really hate it when it’s called soccer, haha. Too bad you won’t be here already for the European Championship this year, that would have been a great way to get introduced to our voetbal madness

    • haha yeah. Regarding soccer/football, I already had some introduction with Spanish, which was “futbol americano” and “futbol”. Problem is NFL football is currently my favorite sport, so 😉

      I agree. I would much rather be there for Euro 2012!

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