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Valentine’s Day box from FOAM (Or: Two roses)

Marco ordered the Valentine’s Day box from FOAM for the two of us. How cute!

The two extra roses were a nice touch. The box contained fruit salad, an avocado and smoked almond sandwich and a beetroot wrap with black pepper cream cheese, tempeh bacon and cress. On the sweet side we had French toast, banana bread and a chocolate/coffee cupcake. Oh, and juice made of beet/apple/ginger/blueberry. Yum yum. The only thing that I personally didn’t like as much was the black pepper cream cheese, perhaps because I didn’t know the cream cheese had black pepper in it to begin with. It was an interesting flavor either way! The unexpected star of the dish was definitely the fresh toast.

Marco likes to take the artistic photos. I benefit from getting to post them on my blog!

After half a day of rain, the snow and ice has begun to melt. Tomorrow we’re looking at highs of 10C/50F and the weekend might (if we are lucky) get up to 16C/60F. Oh course I read my parents back in the US are facing another snowstorm today… brrr.

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Sweet store displays (Or: Valentine’s Day by Hema)

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Valentine’s Day display at Hema in The Hague

Marco and I exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts this morning. He got me a small bottle of cava (a Spanish sparking wine), a bag of Haribo gummy bears and a chocolate rose. ❤

I got him Winter-in-lov, a chocolate and rooibos tea, with additional spices like cinnamon, ginger and licorice. If you like tea with chocolate notes, I can highly recommend it.

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Candles and flowers (Or: A Valentine’s Day display at Xenos)

Here’s a look at part of the Valentine’s Day at Xenos (a discount store):

valentines-display-by-xenos-in-the-hagueIf you need candles or flowers, you’ll definitely in luck…!

I also took a picture of this cute snow globe. Inside you have the iconic Dutch clogs:


Not that we have much snow at the moment. After a week of cold, we have (relatively) warm temperatures, at least through the weekend. And of course, rain…

But we’re past January – it can only get warmer from here! In theory.

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Pim café in The Hague (Or: Over on Wagenstraat)

For Valentine’s day, Marco and I visited Pim, a café on Wagenstraat. They have a “breakfast for 2” on their menu which I thought might be interesting to try out. While they have another café on Prins Hendrikstraat, the one on Wagenstraat has only been open since September.

The ambiance was pretty nice, beginning with the flowers on the table:

Pim cafe Wagenstraat Den Haag flowers

There was also a foosball table hanging on the wall:

Pim cafe Wagenstraat Den Haag wall decoration

And here is a look at the breakfast for two. Two large croissants, four pieces of brown bread, four pieces of white bread, orange juice, coffee, hummus and a few vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, paprika).

Pim cafe Wagenstraat Den Haag breakfast for two 1The blue plate was awesome…

As you can see below, there was also cheese, ham and two cooked eggs. I am not a fan of eggs in general, so luckily Marco was willing to eat mine as well.

Pim cafe Wagenstraat Den Haag breakfast for two 2

But definitely a nice breakfast – very filling!

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Wafflemania (Or: Valentine’s Day 2015)

Marco surprised me with another Valentine’s Day themed breakfast. It is becoming a sort of tradition. 😉

This time he used the waffle maker!

Valentine's Day waffles

Whar can I say, I am a sucker for his chocolate waffles (which is just the normal mix with cocoa powder thrown in). Another was dusted with sugar, and the last was “regular”. It also came with coffee (which we usually drink after dinner so that is a lovely novelty) and a large glass of milk. Yum.

And then halfway through I decided to get creative:

Valentine's Day waggled with candy hearts

Another use for the candy hearts! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, all.

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Valentine’s Day (Or: PB&J sandwiches)

So Marco surprised me this morning with a Valentine’s Day themed peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed.

Valentines Day pbj sandwich

Definitely a surprise since he came into the bedroom at the normal time he comes in (to give me a hug or two and then go to work). But as he has to work pretty late tonight, he surprised me by saying he wasn’t going into work until 10am. Yay.

It’s also the first time I had a pb&j sandwich since I left New York… I used to have them every work day for a few years, since they were easy and quick to make. Of course, I varied the other stuff I had. So yeah… it’s been a long time since pb&j!

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Surprises (Or: Roses from Marco)

After I wrote the last Valentine’s Day post, Marco came home and presented me with a bouquet of roses. Surprise!

red white and pink Valentines day roses

I especially like the dark pink one on the bottom in the middle. It’s my favorite!

And soon we are off to Rodizio for dinner…

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Valentine’s Day (Or: Lollipops and music)

So when I walked into the living room today (after Marco had already left for work) I spied something on the couch from across the room. It turned out to be an extra large Valentine’s Day card, complete with a bit of Dutch for me to translate.

Also next to the card was a single lollipop:

lollipop from Sumo restaurant in The Hague

It’s actually a lollipop from Sumo, a restaurant in The Hague which we visited in late December. It is a running joke that I like the lollipops from that restaurant (which you receive on your way out) because one of them that I got was a four colored lollipop which I found amusing. Considering it has been a month and a half since we visited there, he has held on to it for a long time! He only brought it out long enough to tease me with.

And now it’s mine!

On a more serious romantic note, he also slyly told me last night that he made reservations for the two of us at Rodizio tomorrow night. Grilled pineapple – yum!

But first — tonight Marco, Roger and I are heading to the Boederij in Zoetemeer to see the band BRAD, which is the second band of one of the Pearl Jam members. Should be fun!

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Blue M&Ms (Or: That’s a lot of frequent flyer miles)z

I sort of hinted at this story in one of the comments I left earlier this week. During the early part of 2009 (while I was still studying at Rutgers in New Brunswick), Marco and Roger took their annual trip to New York City. Of course these days, they get to NYC a bit more often since they can crash at my place and not pay hotel prices.

This would also be the Spring of 2009 where they visited in February and April AND Marco came back in late June (June 25, the day Michael Jackson died).  If you’re counting, that’s three trips to the States in 4 and a half months! It was a great Spring 2009, let me tell you.

The first trip, Marco was there during Valentine’s Day. It was the first time we were together for that holiday. As they arrived in the city before I came up to spend time with them, he took the occasion to visit M&M’s World in Times Square. He knew that my favorite color was blue (peanut M&M’s – yum!), so he decided to get me a light blue color and a dark blue color.

A HUGE wall of M&Ms (regular and peanut) for you to choose from. Oddly the smell of chocolate was way more overpowering in the Hershey store than it was here, but that was a much smaller store. — June 2011

The only problem was, when he went to hit the button to release some of the M&M’s, he wasn’t expecting the amount that rushed out. So the first bag was about a pound – yet he still wanted to get me some of the other color. So like any good boyfriend would do, he decided that I must get a pound in the other color as well! (And the prices in that store aren’t that forgiving, either.)

Welcome to the M&M store. It’s not Times Square without huge flashy signs! Even the police station (not pictured) has a neon sign… – June 2011

It was definitely an M&M filled Valentine’s Day…

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