Street signs (Or: On the way to the library)

It’s back to the grind of work again. We’re smack in the middle of extended hours, which started last week. Staying open later means the students have more time to study for their finals, which started today. Most nights the library stays open until 2AM.

Street sign near the New York Public Library

This only affects my schedule slightly– but it’s enough where I don’t see Marco online as often as I would like thanks to my staying late and the time zone difference. Part of me is very surprised Marco isn’t more put off by my working late… considering I haven’t seen him much in the last week. But we just need to make it until Friday and then it’s back to some sort of normalcy.

Thanks, Marco. I’ll make it up to you somehow.

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2 thoughts on “Street signs (Or: On the way to the library)

  1. Yes time difference Sucks! I remember having to wait up for Jos to get off work just to speak to him for 20mins… I was 6 – 7 hours ahead of him. And while i sleep, his night begins.. Pfff!

    • We were able to get about 40 minutes today, because I logged in from work and we spoke on Googlechat. But it’s never enough!

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