Unexpected packages (Or: Tea and chocolate refills!)

Remember when I mentioned that I was sending Marco and Roger a package (t-shirts and food, mainly)? Well, I had no idea that Marco was secretly getting a package together for me at the same time…

I love unexpected packages!

Dutch chocolate stroopwafels and tea

There was three main gifts in the box. More Dutch tea – since I managed to drain my other supply to nothingness. More chocolate stroopwafels, which brings the obvious struggle of Do I share these at work? Should I be selfish and keep them all for myself? But I will probably share them. Probably . . .

I also received another gift, related to the Euro 2012 football festivities, although I will leave that excitement for another post.

Also in the box there was a set of postcards:

Dutch postcard set from the Campina Boerenland company. Cows, bikes, wooden shoes, and Dutch houses.

Apparently these postcards are from a company called Campina Boerenland. De groeten van het boerenland = Greetings from the farmland. They are not intended to be mailed to random people, however. They come with a pre-typed address on the other side which designates that they should be sent back to someone called Annemiek. You are supposed to mention why you like farms for the chance to win a prize.

Unexpected gifts can totally make one’s day. Makes a note of this for Marco’s birthday next month…

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected packages (Or: Tea and chocolate refills!)

  1. It’s the unexpected gifts that are most wonderful. That Marco is one sweet guy. Virginia

    • He is, he is! I also think he is trying to make me sweeter by sending all this chocolate… 😉

  2. Marco

    Actually the idea behind the chocolate was to have you share them at work..because I do believe you have some for yourself left. And well..I have to make sure they don’t kill me when I steal you away in December!!! And let’s be honest, you are already as sweet as can be! 🙂

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