Hup Holland (Or: Let’s get this party started)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Euro 2012, the European soccer championship, is coming. “Hup Holland” is a sports cheer. Marco got me a picture of the festivities:

Decorations for Euro 2012 in the Hague this coming Friday (June 8) The lower banner has been edited slightly to remove the street name (just in case).

And as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the 3rd item in the package I received yesterday was this awesome looking tea cup from Marco. The Dutch definitely seem to go all out for sporting events. Not that Americans don’t… but the country definitely seems to turn into a sea of orange at times like these. Stores begin to realize if they paint anything orange they call sell it!

Tea cup from Marco. Hup Holland!

The schedule is available. (The CET timezone is 6 hours ahead of EST.) The first game the Netherlands play is next Saturday, June 9, against Denmark. Then Germany on Wednesday, June 13, and Portgual on Sunday, June 17.

Hup Holland!

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2 thoughts on “Hup Holland (Or: Let’s get this party started)

  1. Hup Holland Hup!! But for now : Go Kings!!!

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