Weekend plans (Or: Time with Marco)

Here are Marco and I’s plans for this weekend. Nothing too major.

Today – Visit the Palisades Center, a four floor mall. I need to pick up my engagement ring (it needed a minor repair), and I might also possibly get my hair cut. Then at some point I need to treat Marco to an Icee. They are frozen slushy drinks that are typically sold at movie theaters.

There, now that I have Marco’s attention…

Saturday – We’re going to have lunch at Bailey’s Smokehouse (a barbecue joint). I’ve been there once with a friend and wanted to show it off to Marco as well. After that, we are going to head over to my workplace. I want to show him the remodeled Learning Commons, which he has never seen – pre-flood or post-flood. They are also going to have a community festival, so we’re looking forward to the promised fireworks.

Sunday – Off to New York City. The only thing we have planned is visiting Forbidden Planet, a comic book store which moved to a bigger and better place (or at least we heard it’s supposed to be bigger).

Two random places we want to visit for food: Steak’n’Shake and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The former is totally due to nostalgia – I grew up with Steak’n’Shake as it’s a Midwest restaurant and I am sorely hoping it will remind me of the good old days. The latter we have never been too. All I know about Five Guys is they give you a ton of fries, so order less than you think you need.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend plans (Or: Time with Marco)

  1. Ahh, Steak ‘n Shake….that is still my favorite place….although not if Greg is driving and you are in the back seat threatening to puke!!!!!!

  2. Alright Niki – spill the beans. Who is I’s?? What is she doing with your engagement ring? And Marco?? Virginia

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