Autumn (Or: View from my door)

It is that short time of the year where the color bursts forth from the trees. I opened my front door this morning to go to the deli and was greeted with this sight (without even needing to step outside!):

For this particular tree, it seems to be about a 3 or 4 day window between full color and when the leaves start falling – a short window of opportunity to take a picture. But I am glad I did!

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6 thoughts on “Autumn (Or: View from my door)

  1. Gorgeous colour Niki. Absolutely gorgeous . Here in the Lower Mainland fall is just green with all the rain. One or two trees change colour but that’s it. How lovely to see your tree. Virginia

    • There hasn’t been too much rain here the last week or two, although the beginning of the month was definitely full of rain.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that there’s a tree near us that I want to photograph before the beautiful red leaves disappear! I love all of the colors of autumn.

  3. Beautiful color! Great photo..

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