Bird nests (Or: The A in Hema)

As I was walking past Hema a few days ago, just after 8AM, I noticed something peculiar in the A of the logo. A bird nest:

bird nest in the A of the Hema

A closer look:

bird nest in the A of the Hema 2

Good choice for a nest — the capital letter (A) offers the most protection from predators.

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6 thoughts on “Bird nests (Or: The A in Hema)

  1. Marco

    Predators….AND the weather (if it’s not cold, it’s raining. If it’s not raining it’s windy..etc)

  2. Good choice of place for a bird’s nest, as you can notice the ridge above the letters has them ‘anti-bird-spikes’ on them.. So this is most likely the only place they can go.

  3. It’s actually HEMA (and not Hema), an abbreviation ( Nice letters. Good place to sit and have a coffee. Although birds don’t drink coffee I suppose 🙂

  4. Update: they have since cleared out the nest and installed anti-bird spikes. Not that there aren’t enough birds in the area already. 😉

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