New experiences (Or: Chopsticks for the first time)

Tonight Marco, Roger and I went to Sumo, a sushi and grill restaurant, one of our frequent places to eat. But this time we went to celebrate Roger’s awesome grades on two exams he was doing for his work. Two 9/10s! I think he only needed a 6 or 7 to pass… but of course he went above and beyond and studied his brains out. 😉 Go Roger!

Sumo in The Hague sake and chopsticks

Sake and chopsticks

This was also the first time that I ditched my practice chopsticks (oefenstokjes, you can see a random image of them here). The practice chopsticks are held together with a small bundle of rolled paper at the top which causes the ends of the chopsticks to have a bit of spring or bounce to them. Simply squeeze them together and you are good to go for grabbing something.

But nope – this time I forgot to ask for oefenstokjes and decided to shrug and try it with normal chopsticks. It wasn’t that hard, but I admit that I stared quite closely at Marco and Roger’s hands to see the placement of their fingers and try to copy them. It mostly worked!

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4 thoughts on “New experiences (Or: Chopsticks for the first time)

  1. Next time I might really apply myself and go for the 10.

    Good job on the chopsticks though Niki!!!

  2. I almost would have thought that the oefenstokjes would be harder to use.

    • Nah – the oefenstokjes only require one finger on each stick pushing them together to grab stuff. Real chopsticks seem to require three fingers and they aren’t bound together — or at least three fingers is how how I learned it tonight.

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