A Comparison of Weather (Or: Dutch class 18 by ROC Mondriaan)

NOTE: There will be no class postings next week (#19 and #20) as Marco and I off are off on our honeymoon. Yay!

This lesson covered two things – weather (a short, spontaneous topic at the beginning) and comparisons. Of course, weather was the topic of the day because it was raining again. This year is the 5th wettest autumn so far (link in Dutch) and it seems to have no signs of stopping. We covered the various forms of weather, much like we did last month:

Het miezert = It rains (just a little bit).

Het regent = It rains.

Het giet OR Het stortregent = It rains (a lot).

Het sneeuwt = It snows. Did I mention the -eeu(w) vowel group doesn’t really exist in English? It is pronounced something like s-nay-out, but quicker: snayout.

Het waait = It is windy.

Het vriest = It freezes.

Het stormt = It is (very) windy.

De zon schijnt = The sun shines. Note the exception in grammatical construction.

The other thing of note was comparison, with two different models:

verschillend: is … …er dan …

hetzelfde: … is even … als …

difference: is … …er than …

the same: … is just as …. as ….

Jumbo is goedkoeper dan Albert Heijn. (Jumbo is cheaper than Albert Heijn – both are grocery stores.)

De morgen is even lang als de middag. (The morning is just as long as the afternoon.)

And there you have it – weather and comparisons!

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One thought on “A Comparison of Weather (Or: Dutch class 18 by ROC Mondriaan)

  1. Enjoy the honeymoon milady!!

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