Somewhat the same (Or: Dutch class 25 by ROC Mondriaan)

NOTE: If you’re noticing the falling snow on my blog, it’s a WordPress feature that comes around every December for the holidays. 

On Tuesday I had my first lesson with the other B1 class. (I switched to this B1 class because they were almost ready to take the final test, and that gets me into B2 two months sooner. I hope.)

Some impressions that I had: the class size was a bit smaller, with about 8 or 9 people. Half of those people liked to come 15-20 minutes late, though there was also the same problem in the other B1 class. In preparation for the switch I had pretty much finished the textbook, but this class didn’t get to the last two chapters . Although I did skip a handful of exercises each chapter that were predominantly speaking or writing. I don’t have much trouble with writing, so that is no big deal for me.

(Tip for learning a foreign language: force yourself to write whenever you can. For me, writing daily work emails to Marco has helped me writing skills tremendously. Though being fascinated with grammar is also a good motivation.)

The class is the same as the other one in other ways as well: most of the students are just as unmotivated. They do not do their homework, for instance. They don’t really try when answering a question. Everything is funny to them. A few times the teacher made mention of the fact that I had already done this listening exercise or that writing exercise but 1) I didn’t know how far they had gotten. 2) I wasn’t exactly sure what the test would be about, so I wanted to study everything.

So, I’m stuck hoping B2 is more challenging. Though my teacher did warn me that most people don’t do their homework in B2 either. But it should be more challenging in general — there’s a gap between B1 (normal job level of Dutch) and B2 (required for university level jobs). B2 isn’t for everyone – and here I am doing it for fun. I am weird!

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