Study time! (Or: B2 Dutch course #33)

I am not sure the numbers in the course blog titles are completely accurate these days, but it works…

My, how times flies. It feels like just yesterday when I received the letter saying I could take part in this course. And next week is exams. Tuesday is reading and writing (my strong suit) and Thursday is speaking and listening. As usual, speaking is probably the one that concerns me a bit, mainly because I get nervous in situations like this. But if I can keep calm it should be fine – I definitely know the grammar.

Of course my favorite section is writing, whereas for most people it seems to be their least favorite. Though I must admit that my eraser gets a workout! Some of the things we will need to do next week are coming sentences (zinnen afmaken) and writing the beginning of the sentence, but also writing the middle – a common trick that they do on the staatsexamen is to give you the beginning and the end of the sentence, asking you to fill in the middle. But be careful – it has to be logical! Klopt dat? We will also have to write at least one letter, give our opinion with arguments, and work on something to do with an invitation (not sure what).

I do have some time to study in the coming week, thankfully. Tomorrow is a holiday in the Netherlands; Hemelvaart (Ascension Day), so I will probably end up doing at least one practice test for the Staatsexamen then. Hopefully!

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