Patio chair destruction (Or: Squirrel entertainment)

While Marco, Roger and I were staying with family in Chicago, we encountered a most peculiar sight. A very hungry squirrel!

Enter Mr. Patio chair killer:

Squirrel patio chair killer 1

Squirrel patio chair killer 2How is that fluff tasting Mr. Squirrel? You’ve got quite the appetite there.

Squirrel patio chair killer 3

Yep, that’s right. Pose for the camera now!

Actually in all honesty he was gathering materials for a nest probably, not eating it. But he took so much he must have been eating it on the side…

Final destruction of patio chairs

Here is a final look at the damage. You can see the top of the chair being molested, but it is nothing compared to the bottom of the chair where the guy really dug in. At some points he was actually *inside* the chair. We watched the cushion bounce around a bit as he dug into it.

Unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity to get the best picture of all — at some point he was on the sliding glass door itself, hanging upside down on the screen showing his furry chest at us.

It goes without saying that after the screen incident, the chair cushions were removed and thrown in the trash. And of course they filled up a large trash can all by themselves…

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2 thoughts on “Patio chair destruction (Or: Squirrel entertainment)

  1. Sherrry

    I missed the hanging squirrel.

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