Ride free with tram 11 day (Or: HTM flyers and ice cream)

Yesterday HTM had a promotion to ride free with tram 11 so that you could experience the new Avenio trams. So far tram 2, 11, and 17 ride with the new model. 11 has had the new model for a while, but considering the route is from Station Holland Spoor to the beach (stop Strandweg), perhaps they were waiting for better weather. And we definitely had awesome weather!

Tram 11 coming around the corner (actually at the beach, so this photo was taken on the way back):

Tram 11 by Strandweg HTM The Hague

A promotional cover over the machine you normally use to check in and out. It says ‘Travel today for free’.

Ride free with tram 11 day June 2016

A look inside the tram:

Look inside the new Avenio trams HTM Tram 11

By Standweg, HTM workers dressed up in the old-fashioned uniforms speaking to the travelers:

Ride free with tram 11 day promotion June 2016

Not the best quality picture — I zoomed in to get the photo — but all travelers also received a free ice cream cone of their choice (vanilla, strawberry, lemon, or mocha).

Free ice cream at Strandweg (HTM promotion)

I chose mocha ice cream. Perfect for a summery day in June!

Mokka ice cream from HTM The Hague

Here was the promised “leuke verassing” – a HTM-themed kite! Interestingly the word for kite is vlieger, which literally translates to “flyer”.

HTM kite (Ride free with tram 11 day June 2016)

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