Crunch crunch crunch (Or: Snow!!!)




In the last two days we’ve received more snow than I’ve probably seen in the almost 5 years I’ve been here (and wow, next Monday is officially 5 years!) Yesterday wasn’t too bad – most people did not have to work. Indeed, Marco and I went outside yesterday and took some pictures.

HTM bus 22 and December snow fall, The Hague city hall.jpg

snowfall yesterday. bus 22, with the oliebollen stand behind

But today would prove to be slightly more chaotic. Schiphol is currently trying to decide if they put out bedding for stranded travellers; about one third of the flights are cancelled and buses and trains aren’t running there. No trains to or from Amsterdam or Utrecht (in the heart of the Netherlands) at the moment. For a while the HTM buses here in The Hague stopped riding, but some lines are riding again.

I knew I had to go into work – my work computer was there! – but Marco was kind enough to walk me to my tram stop. It started snowing again in the late morning, so I stuck around until just after 1pm, and then went home to finish off my work there.

Oliebollen stand, The Hague.jpg

At least the oliebollen stand is smart and brings out the protection!

And some more photos from yesterday… outside of the center of the city, so there was a bit more snowfall there.

Snowfall in The Hague, Dec 2017

All photos are required to have at least one bike in them

Wintery snowfall in The Hague, December 2017

See what I mean?

Tram stop Reigerbergersweg in the snow, The Hague, December 2017

and a tram stop

We had no problem getting to where we wanted to go yesterday, but when we wanted to leave the tram wasn’t riding (which we didn’t find out until someone walking past helpfully shouted that the trams weren’t riding for that line…) Thus began our great winter adventure of 2017, where Marco and I walked about 20-25 minutes to another tram line that was running. It was kind of fun!

Except that my shoes and socks were a bit cold after that…

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2 thoughts on “Crunch crunch crunch (Or: Snow!!!)

  1. minimama Henny

    He Niki,mooie foto”s .Maar wel hele bekende plekjes.

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