Flying overhead (Or: A look at The Netherlands during the coronavirus pandemic)

Today’s blog post will focus on the use of drones to fly over various parts of The Netherlands during the coronavirus pandemic.

So without further ado, here is a look at how drones have been used to capture the oddness of this situation:

First, a recently posted drone video of the Efteling theme park:

This fantasy theme park was built in the 1950s and can be found in the east part of The Netherlands (Wikipedia).

Here is a look at a video produced by the national news service NPO:

The video above explains how The Netherlands came to a standstill due to the coronavirus and includes some statistics. Spoken Dutch with English subtitles.

Another news outlet, De Telegraaf, also went throughout The Netherlands with a drone to get pictures of the abandoned areas:

And these two are not (always) made with drones, but honorable mentions goes to:

A Vimeo video “Silence in The Hague” by Remske Derkx and YouTube videos by the Keukenhof flower park. So far they haven’t used a drone, but they’ve been posting new videos for ‘virtual visitors’ for a few weeks now. Check out their YouTube page.

Known as the ‘Garden of Europe’ according to the Wikipedia page, this park has about 7 million flowers across 79 acres. They are only open for flower viewing between mid-March and mid-May every year, and unfortunately the coronavirus struck before the garden could open. They have already announced that they will not open at all during 2020 – hence the decision to post virtual videos so that guests can still see all of the hard work that went into this year.

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