Bijenkorf 2020 Christmas displays (Or: A piece of normal)

Marco and I decided to risk it and go to Xenos and Bijenkorf (a high end department store) today. It was probably the first time I stepped foot in Bijenkorf this year. And actually it wasn’t too bad. I thought it it would be really busy, especially on a Sunday afternoon, but Xenos was actually busier.

Bijenkorf had an interesting setup for the escalators: pieces of cardboard taped to the side of the escalator which reminded you to stand on the other side (as far away as possible from the opposite escalator). While they are taped securely to the elevator it was done in such a way that someone standing on the wrong side won’t rip them out. I didn’t take a photo, however.

The good news is that the Christmas section isn’t that busy on November 1st. Who knew?

“At the North Pole” display
One of the many holiday ornament sections. The theme for this one was “Classic Christmas’

They also spread out the Christmas section a bit more this year and had some of the ornaments in what is usually the wine section. They also had a (fake) dessert table there. Check it out:

Anyone up for some doughnuts and cakes?

Oh, and I finally gave into a craving that I have had for some months: a soft baked pretzel. I was walking around in the city centre and stumbled on Wiener Konditorei, an Austrian café/dessert shop. It’s been there for years but I have always walked past. But because of the corona crisis they now have a cart outside, and the baked pretzels have been taunting me for some time. Today I walked about 10 feet past it and then turned around and bought two pretzels as lunch for Marco and I. And it hit the spot, even if it made me miss Auntie Anne’s, found in American malls and airports everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “Bijenkorf 2020 Christmas displays (Or: A piece of normal)

  1. I LOVE seeing the De Bijenkorf Christmas window displays and am gutted that I can’t visit this year! I’ve been coming to the Netherlands during November and December for the last few years and could honestly spend hours staring at the window displays, especially the cute teddy ones! I’d love to see more photos of the ones from this year seeing as I can’t visit – would be great if you get chance to add any more 🙂

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