Dutch spelling (Or: I can spell goed nu?)

Back to the Monday drag! Though Tuesday is almost here already.

A little milestone was reached yesterday. Emphasis on minor, but it still made my day! I realized that I had finished the Spelling & Pronunciation section over at dutchgrammar.com. Of course it had a lot of components within it, so it took about 2 months to get through (or perhaps a bit less).

Amusingly, the “summary” page at the end of the entire section was inexplicably only one page long. I am not quite sure how the writer(s) condensed it that far but somehow they did. Of course it was only the major highlights.

The next section is Verbs… which should be very interesting considering I really never got past the present and present perfect tenses when I was learning Dutch for the first go around. But now it moves into past tense, future tense, future perfect, the conditional… you get the idea. And if that wasn’t enough, after that is the irregular verbs which don’t follow any sane rule. The verbs section is about twice as long as the spelling section, so I figure I will finish it sometime around June at this rate. This would be easier if I I had more hours in the day!

The nice thing about this type of studying is I am trying to take a lot of notes (in an old college-ruled notebook I bought during my time at Rutgers). I have found that it really helps me remember things when I write them down.

Of course I can’t hold a conversation in Dutch for the life of me (so far) but hopefully this will start sticking soon. I think things will get a bit easier over the summer. Work tends to be a lot less hectic so I don’t come home automatically drained. Here’s hoping!

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One thought on “Dutch spelling (Or: I can spell goed nu?)

  1. Gratz on the milestone!! Good luck on the next section..

    Didn’t Marco mention we were gonna go all Dutch next time we visit? *smile*
    I am not sure anymore, but seem to remember something like that was said.

    Should be fun.. *hugs*

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