Fridays (Or: A welcome day off)

I took today off, after having night shifts the other four days this week. How nice! Though of course Marco commented to me later about how I was still up and out the door by 8AM to get to the laundromat… but at least I don’t have to do that tomorrow.

Work has been kind of crazy, with various coworkers on vacation. I have spent more time covering the front desk in the last two weeks than the last half a year prior. And it’s less than a week to go before the students come back – eek!  There is always so much to do, and never enough time.

I probably should be somewhat pensive today – since it was my choice to stay in the States until December. You see, if I had gone with the earlier option (leaving at the end of the yearly August-August contract rather than extending it one more semester), I would be leaving for the Netherlands in the next day or two. Admittedly things would have been easier if I had, but that wasn’t information I had at the time. But, tomorrow is 4 months to go (tentatively). So we are almost there.

On a different note, here’s some more local news from New York City. Check out this scaffolding.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Some areas of NYC now support artwork on their scaffolding. You can read more abut it and local law 11.

And on a final note I must add – because it might never happen again! – The Hague looks like it will be warmer than New York this weekend. Tomorrow New York won’t even hit 80F.

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2 thoughts on “Fridays (Or: A welcome day off)

  1. Second guessing – we all do it. The next four months are going to fly by. Virginia

    • They already are. I can’t believe it’s only 4 weeks until I see him again…. (happy, happy)

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