Restaurants (Or: Drinking water in the Netherlands)

Today I met up with Marco after he finished with work and we did some Thursday night shopping (as the stores are open later on Thursdays around here). Afterwards, we had dinner at one of the restaurants in the area. I ordered hamburger schotel which was close enough to a hamburger for me. I just asked that they didn’t put the baked egg on there that the menu mentioned. ;p

Marco and I also ordered two bottles of water:

bottle of water in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, you are less likely to see glasses of water at restaurants. If you are served a bottle of water and an empty glass to pour the water into, this is their way of proving that they did not just put tap water in there. However, they usually serve the bottle to you with the lid already removed, so who knows…

And there are also no free refills. I have adapted alright to this. The first few visits to the Netherlands, I was still addicted to diet coke (cola light) which I think made me even more thirsty so I drank even more. But around April or May of last year, I cut out diet coke for the most part and switched to water. It seems to have worked pretty well. Though I did enjoy having diet coke over Christmas!

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