Legoland (Or: The Hague in miniature)

As reported a bit earlier this year, Scheveningen will soon be home to a Legoland Discovery Centre, opening later next year. There is now a “mini Den Haag” on display at Legoland. The display includes a mini Scheveningen pier and Kurhaus, The Hague’s city hall, train station Holland Spoor and more.

Read more here (in Dutch, from Preview van mini-Den Haag in Legoland

And here is another photo of some of our Christmas decorations, some of my favorites:

Since they are some of my favorites I am sure they have appeared on this blog before. The two snowman statues on the left and the right are from the Royal Christmas Fair The Hague. We loved them as soon as we saw them. The snowman in the middle is from Primark, a purchase made a few years ago.

I had to brush up on my vocabulary for the decoration in the middle. Apparently the dangling legs are called bungelbenen in Dutch. You learn something new every day.

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy your weekend! I will be using it as a chance to sleep in…

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2 thoughts on “Legoland (Or: The Hague in miniature)

  1. minin mama Henny

    Ik reageer niet op alles meer, maar lees je blog elke dag .Vind deze ornamenten leuk, vooral de linker.

    • Helaas geen Royal Christmas Fair dit jaar :/ anders zouden we weer gaan kijken! (in een corona-gepaste manier natuurlijk…)

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