Warm weather (Or: Seashells on Scheveningen)

Over here in the New York area, we are finally going to get a bit of a warm spell. The last few days have been rain-filled and dreary. Unfortunately, it will probably be a bit cooler tomorrow and Saturday than it appeared earlier this week (we were originally promised 80 degree/27c temperatures!).

But I was reminded of the beach at Scheveningen. Here is another photo – this time of a few of the seashells we collected.

Scheveningen seashells

I kept a few of the seashells on the shelf by the TV. Ah, memories.

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The coming Spring (Or: Who needs a jacket?)

It was nice not to have to wear my jacket on the way home from work today. We’re in the midst of small heat wave of sorts, with tomorrow hitting the high 60s. This morning was also nice, although colder.

But the walk into work has been interesting this week. You see, they are filming scenes from HBO’s Mildred Pierce near where I work (multiple organizations use our campus). It’s not the first time they have filmed there for that show. I’ve never seen the series myself, but they seem to like the building — it’s large and fairly old but in a good kind of way.

When I was leaving work in the afternoon they were still filming, and had special lights trained on the front of the building. I thought about taking a picture for the blog but I figured that would be way too obvious as there was about twenty people milling around outside. My apologies!

In honor of the nice warm weather today and tomorrow I am posting a few more pictures from the Scheveningen beach:

Cold feet at Scheveningen

Catching some rays at Scheveningen



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Crazy things (Or: Pianos and frozen surfers)

The wind is howling outside.

It feels colder than I think it should be in March. However, I am looking forward to the odd 65ish degrees temperature later this week.

In honor of the brisk weather I decided to post a few more pictures of Scheveningen, from the December trip. The first was an interesting light covered “tree” that I took pictures of. It was only today that I realized there was a surfer in the picture:

Scheveningen tree of lights

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Apocalypses (Or: Coming soon to a laundromat near you)

One of the things I had to do this morning was the laundry. This tends to be a bit more difficult than it should be due to having to take the laundry into town — I don’t own a washer or dryer of my own. It’s about a 15 minute walk down a somewhat annoying hill.

I am sure that I have confused people that see me strolling past with a suitcase full of clothes rolling behind. They probably would expect me to be going to the train — and most people own cars around here. I’ll admit that I never was one for driving, and moving to the Netherlands had one big non-Marco pro in its favor: not needing to learn how to drive. Though I’ll admit that I am not looking forward to the combination of trams and strollers, later on in life.

Today was a sort of dreary day with rain forecast most of the morning. The walk down wasn’t too bad, though, as not many people were up and about at 8AM. Sane people are still asleep. Generally I use the time at the laundromat to play games on my iTouch, though I doubt I’ll ever reach the level of Unblock Me that Roger has reached.

While I was waiting for the dryer to finish its cycle, two women came into the store. Since I was staring at my iTouch, the first thing I saw was their feet. And the large blue umbrella that the one was carrying. I looked up, but she shifted her gaze to the gentleman next to me, who spoke Spanish (most people at this laundromat do). They started to converse in Spanish. At first I thought they were friends until I realized she was a solicitor.

I was listening while they were talking, though not looking up from my game. She had a pamphlet she wished to give him, and she was talking about the bible. He asked if it was free, and she said yes. She only asked that if he had any questions to get in touch with him. He agreed and took the pamphlet, though perhaps he just wanted her to go away. Turns out they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. I decided not to look up, but I think they only had Spanish publications. I don’t look Spanish enough for them to bother. Fine by me!

Frankly, I was impressed that I could understand what the heck they were saying; seems my 7 years of Spanish was good for something after all. I saw a few of the pamphlets on the washers as I was folding my clothes, but I didn’t think about taking a picture of it until much later when it was too late. It was about the apocalypse and when it would happen.

So instead, here’s another picture of Scheveningen:

Scheveningen's beach

…where the warm beach sand meets the brick and concrete of the city.

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Summertime (Or: A lot less snow to be seen)

With a predicted snowstorm of about 4-5″ of sneeuw (snow) descending on my New York town in a few hours, here are some warmer pictures from the previous summer. — Who am I kidding, it is not a proper snowstorm unless you receive at least a foot of snow. It’s just a minor dusting…

Sign at Scheveningen's beach front

First, a reminder that summertime is never far away, even in January. One interesting thing about the Netherlands is how moderate the weather is. Last trip, I left New York in a veritable heat wave (98F, or about 37c) and arrived in the Netherlands to find temperatures in the mid 60s, or 18C.

Watching the ducks at a lake in Delft

I do like taking pictures of flowers, and the ducks in the lake were an added bonus. The left one was just about to fly further down the lake. This was taken in Delft, while waiting for a bridge to swing open to allow a boat to get past.

Glass blue heart, Delft

This plexiglass/steel sculpture is near Nieuw Kerk (New Church) and is see through. It was made by Marcel Smink in 1998 and is illuminated from within.

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Scheveningen (Or: Walking amongst sand and seashells)

Scheveningen, one of the districts of the Hague, is a seaside beach resort. I first visited there in December 2010, wearing a heavy jacket and swearing a bit at the hefty sea breeze. I was shocked to see a few folks surfing – in full wet suits, of course.

The Scheveningen pier which juts out into the North Sea (Summer 2011)

The second time I visited was in early August 2011. The temperature was a bit warmer (maybe 70F or 21C) although the water was still ice cold. Hordes of seashells washed up with every wave, making walking along the beach a very cautious maneuver.

The Kurhaus, a restaurant and hotel near the beach. Note the child in mid-swing of a bucket.

After my fiancé and I headed back up the beach, we walked along the boulevard for somewhere to eat. We finally settled on Copacabana, where I had the Copacabana burger (chicken, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, some variation of mayo, etc). It was huge and hard to handle but oh so good. While we were waiting for our food, the sun set and the chilly sea wind took over once more.

Walking along the boulevard, including a pancake restaurant ('t pannekoekenhuisje)

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