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Setting up (Or: Town festivities)

Today when I went to Shoprite, I was greeted with the setup for the annual “town day” that we have each October. This year I will have to miss it as I have a prior engagement – if I get some good pictures of THAT unnamed event I will post them as well.

Here are some of the pictures I took on the way to and from my weekly groceries chore:

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Fun (Or: Palisades Center, New York)

Today Marco and I went back to the Palisades Center, a four story mall in West Nyack, complete with an ice skating rink, movie theater, IMAX theater, bowling alley, and more.

We decided to get a later start in the day, taking the 1:34 bus. (Poor Roger usually has to deal with me wanting to take the 11:34 bus. Sorry Roger!) We went to a lot of places, including the candy store. Alas, they do not sell the icee spray candy anymore. We also went to the jewelry store to pick up my engagement ring, which had a minor repair done to it. Thankfully it was ready – last week it wasn’t.

Other stores we went to included Hot Topic, Yellow Rat Bastard (a ‘trendy’ clothing store mostly), and Dick Sporting Goods (a new branch just opened in the mall). For lunch we went to TGIFridays, where I had the California Club. Yum!

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Chessboards (Or: New York Ren Faire 2012)

Two weekends ago a friend (Amy) and I went to the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.

First up, we have the “Cast in Bronze” show, with the bells which were made in Asten (in the Netherlands).

The message I wrote on the large chalkboard near the entrance.

Then we came across a booth selling dolls and assorted accessories.

A random group of performers in the street.

One new thing we did this year was catch a “chess” match. This one was the Sheriff’s chess match, and included characters from Norse and Greek mythology, I believe. While it started like a typical chess match (you can see the white squares and green grass squares where they could stand), it quickly dissolved into duels. The gentleman above represented Hercules.

Finally, near the end we had The Dead Bob show. More funny than I expected it to be, and full of adult jokes. I would recommend it if you get the chance to go see it.

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Weekend plans (Or: Time with Marco)

Here are Marco and I’s plans for this weekend. Nothing too major.

Today – Visit the Palisades Center, a four floor mall. I need to pick up my engagement ring (it needed a minor repair), and I might also possibly get my hair cut. Then at some point I need to treat Marco to an Icee. They are frozen slushy drinks that are typically sold at movie theaters.

There, now that I have Marco’s attention…

Saturday – We’re going to have lunch at Bailey’s Smokehouse (a barbecue joint). I’ve been there once with a friend and wanted to show it off to Marco as well. After that, we are going to head over to my workplace. I want to show him the remodeled Learning Commons, which he has never seen – pre-flood or post-flood. They are also going to have a community festival, so we’re looking forward to the promised fireworks.

Sunday – Off to New York City. The only thing we have planned is visiting Forbidden Planet, a comic book store which moved to a bigger and better place (or at least we heard it’s supposed to be bigger).

Two random places we want to visit for food: Steak’n’Shake and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The former is totally due to nostalgia – I grew up with Steak’n’Shake as it’s a Midwest restaurant and I am sorely hoping it will remind me of the good old days. The latter we have never been too. All I know about Five Guys is they give you a ton of fries, so order less than you think you need.

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Snow (Or: I wish)

Maybe if I post a picture of snow, it will snow tomorrow. (Yes, Marco. I understand that in the winter I want summer and in the summer I want winter.)

You know you live in the  boondocks when there is only one train track for both directions… January 2012

Maybe this is what the train station will look like in December when we leave for the Netherlands!

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Jury duty (Or: Rockland County, NY vs. The Netherlands)

I have been on call for jury duty this past week for Rockland County’s courthouse in New City. I received the letter a few weeks ago, notifying me that I would be on call from Tuesday the 17th through Friday the 20th. Not everyone goes in on the first day – you call a phone number or check a website daily to see which jurors have to go in on each day, based on the number they assign you.

I have only been called in for jury duty one time, although I did not have to go in. One of the courts in Illinois called me in, but I was already living on the East Coast, so I just had to fill out the form and state that I no longer lived in the area.

Rockland county jury duty summons

Each day I checked the website, checking out what numbers would be called in. Originally I was asked to serve last summer, however, my fiancé and his mother were visiting, I postponed the summons, asking for the week of January 9th – 13th, though I was assigned this week. Here is how it went down:

Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – courthouse was closed

Tuesday: Jurors #3001 – 3046 were required to go in.

Wednesday: Jurors #3047 – 3177 were called.

Thursday: No new jurors called in.

Friday: Jurors #3178 – 3242 called.
Today I checked the website:

Jury call-in message for Rockland county

As my number was in the 400s, I was relieved to read Part 2 and determine that I would not have to go in. Although I still cannot believe you get excused from a callback for 4 – 6 years depending on the court, even if you do not have to go in. I must admit it would have been an interesting experience to go to, if I didn’t have work to deal with (I have workshops scheduled for 3 of the 5 days next week to teach). But there is at least public transportation which drops you off right in front of the courthouse, so it wouldn’t have been too difficult to get to.

I was informed that the Netherlands do not have a jury system, and instead that the judge does all of the sentencing. There have been some calls for a jury system in 2007 or 2008, but nothing came of it. I do find it a bit odd that the Netherlands is the only western country without a jury system. But judges are independent figures, and cannot lose their position due to sentences they pass down. Interestingly, there are no witnesses or experts at the trial, rather the ruling is based mostly on the police’s case file for the incident.

Here is an interesting 2003 paper (PDF) to read: “Lay Participation in the Netherlands Criminal System” (in the 19th century) if you wish to find out more.

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