Night lights (Or: In front of the filmhuis)

Take a walk around Den Haag and you will find yourself in front of the filmhuis (film house). They show a lot of foreign movies from around the world in the film’s native language, though I personally have not viewed one there yet. Maybe if the film was Spanish and had subtitles…

Filmhuis in the Hague has an English page about it. Personally I’ve only visited the Pathe cinemas, specfically Spuimarkt. It’s a more traditional type of movie theater.

What the picture above reminds me of, though, is the entrance of the NYPL library. Marco and I had taken a trip into the city in the Fall of 2008, when I still lived in Jersey and was getting my Masters.

New York public library entrance

To this day, neither Marco or I have figured out why they had the lights on the steps of the library, but it did make for a very beautiful picture! I’ll admit that when I first visited the NYPL library I was very excited, although what I found inside was not what I expected. It was definitely more research-oriented than public library orientated. A lot of huge old books and people studying. Of course, by the time we got there, I was tired and just wanted to rest, so perhaps I missed the better parts of the library.

I will say, however, that the iconic lions (leeuwen – so hard to pronounce – Marco spent 5 minutes straight trying to teach me!) that guard the front of the library were very nice to see in person.

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3 thoughts on “Night lights (Or: In front of the filmhuis)

  1. Roger Sanders

    I remember going to see a movie at the filmhuis only once (with Marco).
    We went to see the Blair Witch Project there. The smallness of the room added to the atmosphere of the movie.
    I think this was before they renovated the building i think though (not sure).

  2. The Pathé Buitenhof is super nice. A very sophisticated affair with a bar and tables. So much different than the American movie-going experience, down to the assigned seating!

  3. Marco

    Pathe Buitenhof is nice indeed, though I’ve only been there once since it was renovated.
    Assigned seating…I really disliked it at first, but am used to it now.
    I am still amused by being charged extra for 3d glasses-which I can then take home. But I often forget them so by now I have about ten of those at my place. 🙂

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