Studying (Or: Dutch flash cards)

One of the services I use to study Dutch vocabulary is the iTouch app iFlashcards (iTouch & Android)I have used it for vocabulary ranging from items around the house, body parts, animals, opposites, and more.

screenshot of the iFlash app

One of the things that I like about the app is the ease of making flashcards. I generally type them up in a .txt file on my PC and upload it to the website, and then find my cards on my iTouch by using my account number. The format is pretty simple – question and answer on their own lines, and then a blank line, and then the next question and answer on their own lines.  You can even format cards if needed (bold, italics, color, etc).

On a typical flashcard, first you see the “question” (elbow) and once you tap the screen, the answer appears. You can then say if you got it right or wrong (lower right circle and x). The default mode is to keep repeating the question every 5-10 cards until you get it right. Once you get it right, it does not appear again in the quiz.

It’s a nice little free program, and it has proven pretty useful. As a bonus, you can also search for other people’s public flash card sets – although there is no guarantee of correctness.

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One thought on “Studying (Or: Dutch flash cards)

  1. A whole knew meaning to flash cards. Virginia

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