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Rain rain go away (Or: Life I Live festival in The Hague)

King’s day was on Wednesday this year, which meant that the Life I Live festival took place the night before. In short, the night before the holiday the center of the city closes down for the festival, with various music stages set up around the area. Most of the major genres are represented – jazz, rock, blues, covers and more.

Problem is the weather was pretty horrible, especially later in the night. It was also apparently the coldest festival ever. So it was pretty hard to stay out longer than an hour!

Here is a look at two of the street art pieces that were created during the festival from scratch. Street art #1:

Street art in progress 2 2016 Life I live Festival The Hague

Street art #2:

Street art in progress 2016 Life I live Festival The Hague

Street art #2, another angle:

Street art 2016 at Life I live Festival The Hague

Here’s a look at the newly installed lights on the Grote Markt. They alternatively glowed orange …

The Hague Grote Markt lights during Life I live Festival

and the colors of the Dutch flag:

The Hague Grote Markt lights during Life I live Festival 2

You can also see photos from the 2013 Queen’s night, which has better photos of the stage and the actual event itself.

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Muse at the Ziggo dome (Or: A look at the stage)

On Thursday Marco and Roger went to see Muse in Amsterdam. I just had to share this photo that Marco took of the stage:

Muse Drones tour in Amsterdam March 2016

I found an article about the tour (aptly named the “Drones” tour) from December of last year. I recommend reading the 3rd item, about the use of projections to make it seem like a giant hand was controlling the movement of the guitar player. I saw a video of it afterwards – it looked pretty cool!

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17 June 2014 (Or: Pearl Jam concert in Amsterdam)

This photo was from the 2nd night that Pearl Jam was in Amsterdam, taken by Marco:

Pearl Jam concert in The Hague June 17 2014

I wasn’t present at the second night, only at the first one. You can see where we were standing — in the standing area in the middle you can see a definite line/division where they had placed a metal divider to keep people from pushing too much to the front. We were right outside the first area with the divider right in front of us. The second night only Marco and Roger went; they definitely had nosebleed seats!

It was a great night of course – the only thing I wished was that they had played Future Days from the new album. (YouTube | Lyrics)

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De Haagsche Bluf (Or: Coffee and music)

Marco and I went shopping this afternoon — I needed a new pair of sneakers as mine had seen better days. We knew we wanted to go somewhere for coffee afterwards but we weren’t sure where. We were going to try Hometown Coffee (the last time we tried there were no free tables and it was a bit too cold to sit outside) but we ended up elsewhere.

More specifically, in De Haagsche Bluf (English), a luxury shopping area in the middle of centrumWe decided to have coffee at Kaldi (English). I had my usual coffee and Marco his cappuccino, and we split an American cookie with white chocolate chips (American = large, soft cookie). Yum.

But unexpectedly we also had some musical entertainment:

band by the Haagsche Bluf 2

It was pretty cool, as the “stage” was actually the front part of the building, simply pulled down like a drawbridge. Here is a close-up.

band by the Haagsche Bluf

Great music! Sort of jazzy, with the drums and clarinet alongside.

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Blue (Or: Painting at the Centrale Bibliotheek)

I saw this painting on display a few weeks ago at the Central Library in The Hague.

The crazy thing is you don’t see the “hidden” elements unless you are quite close by. Otherwise it just looks like blue with a hint of red.

painting at Centrale Bibliotheek

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Music (Or: Amphitheatre where my parents live)

It seems like life is returning to a bit of normalcy this week after getting back from Chicago last week. Jet lag is, of course, quite evil. I slept 12 hours (9:30PM to 10AM) the first night back in The Hague. The second night sleep was very difficult to come by…

On our last full day at my parents, Marco and I went for a long walk, exploring the local woods and then the recreation center and townhall. Our adventure took us past the local amphitheatre, which was built after I moved to New York so I had not seen it yet. Amphitheatres are open air theaters.


the area with the musical notes is also used as the dance area

amphitheatre  2

from this angle you can see that the stone half circles are actually benches

landscaping around amphitheatre

landscaping around the edges

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Unexpected (Or: Marching band in The Hague)

Yesterday Marco and I were taking a walk and actually saw a marching band walking through the center of The Hague, playing music! How random and unexpected. It’s likely that it was part of the Ut Hague Notûh festival that took place yesterday afternoon, which was much larger.

marching band in The Hague

The two songs they played while we stood around and watched were “Walking on Sunshine” and “Let it Be” from the Beatles.

The other amusing thing was that the entire thing seemed unofficial – technically they were marching on the main biking path (the red bit), so a lot of bikers had to go around.

There was also a bag pipe group which we heard first, but they were already further up the road and not the direction we wanted to go in. Perhaps next year!

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Hot Spring days (Or: Bevrijdingsdag festivals)

The month of May seems to be full of holidays within the Netherlands. Saturday the 4th was Dodenherdenkingdag (Remembrance Day). doden = (dead, plural), herdenking (remembrance), dag = day. This is the day to remember all of the dead in wars or peacekeeping efforts since World War II began. For The Hague, the local church bells began ringing at 7:45 until 8:00PM, when two minutes of silence are observed.

The following day is Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day), when the Dutch celebrate the country’s liberation from German occupation in World War II. There are a lot of festivals around various cities, so Marco and I decided to visit the one in The Hague and check out the music. Here are some of the pictures:

US army tanks at Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

US army tanks on display at the entrance

Liberation Day festinal in The Hague 2

one of the stages. Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?

Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

view of The Hague’s skyline

school bus at the Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

school bus converted into “American” food stand. (A lot of things labeled American truly aren’t…)

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Koninginnenacht 2013 (Or: The Hague)

Last night Marco and I went out to enjoy Koninginnenacht, or the night before Queen’s Day. (If you live in The Hague you should really drop the ‘t off nacht, but I digress.) In The Hague you have several stages set up throughout the center of the city, with 7 stages this year. You have various musical acts throughout the night, generally lasting 45 minutes to an hour each.

Even Google got into the Queen’s Day festivities…

Google logo for King Willem-Alexander van Oranje

Hovering over the Google logo gives you: Queensday 2013: Best wishes to King Willem-Alexander!

Marco said that a few years ago (or so) they made the cardinal mistake of only having a few stages and advertising a rather popular band to the main stage at some point in the night. The result was chaos as hundreds of thousands of people tried to converge on the main stage. Since then, they have increased the number of stages and used slightly less popular bands.

Hommerson Casino Koninginnenacht The Hague 2013

Hommerson casino decorations

Continue reading

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BRAD concert (Or: At the Boerderij in Zoetermeer)

As I mentioned earlier, we went to a BRAD concert on Thursday night. This concert featured Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam. The opening art was the New Killer Shoes (why don’t they have a Wikipedia page yet?!)

setup for the New Killer Shoes band

setting up for the opening act (New Killer Shoes)

A piano solo (YouTube)- “Crown of Thorns” – from the night we went. The singer/player is Shawn Smith from BRAD. Much different from the rest of the songs which had the guitars and drums you would expect. 😉 There’s some history to the song – it used to be sung by Mother Love Bone until the frontman Andy Wood passed away. Most of the band’s members went on to form Pearl Jam.

soundboard at BRAD concert

The crazy soundboard from the concert. I never know how they know what button to tinker with. Maybe they just tinker randomly to make it look like they know what they are doing. 😉 Oh wait. That would be me.

And on the way home, in the tram…

Dutch tram door with smiley face

Do you see the smiley face?

Two different designs for the check-in/out machines. The one in the back has the phrase kaart hier, with a hand holding the card and two arrows pointing where the card should be placed. But still, it’s easy to forget where the card goes. (In my defense, I haven’t had any trouble in the last 3-4 weeks.)

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