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Fridays (Or: Russian amusement rides and college football)

It’s Friday. Het is vrijdag!

It has been one long week, and my body would like to remind me of this fact. I felt so sluggish this week. But hopefully I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning.

First off, I want to share with you a crazy Russian amusement ride:

My reaction:

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Phishing (Or: Hitting pay dirt

A few days ago at work I returned to my desk and noticed two new emails. The older one (by only 8 minutes) was labeled as coming from “System Administrator” but in actuality was a phishing email. Something to the affect of “We noticed your system has a virus. To help us get rid of it, please CLICK HERE and enter your username and password.”

The newer one (by only 8 minutes!) was from someone in IT, saying the email was a phishing attempt and to delete it without clicking the link.

That was two days ago.

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First days (Or: Back in the groove of school)

School started on Monday, and it’s been an interesting week so far. I definitely have to get used to having students around. They fall into many groups.

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Brazilian food (Or: It’s all about the pineapple)

From Marco…

This past Sunday, Roger invited his family and me out to dinner.
He picked a place called Rodizio ( which is a Brazilian restaurant in Scheveningen.
You don’t order a meal, they just bring a whole slew of skewers with meat to your table, and you get a slice of everything your hungry heart desires. Good times..

When Niki was visiting in the Summer of 2011, we went there as well.
I think that maybe at first she was a bit cautious about what they were trying to give to her.
But that soon faded as they brought delicious chicken and beef and sausages.
I do remember there was one type that she didn’t like, but that’s fine..there was plenty to choose from.

The fun thing is that officially you get a little round green/red sign that you put in front of you.
Green means you want more. Red means you’re skipping this round.
Though usually they don’t really check them.
It’s only when everyone on your table has the red sign that they act on it, and they know to take your plates.

(Note from Niki: When I first read this I thought it said “they know to take your pulse.” Haha.)

Another good thing about this place? It’s where I discovered Caipirinha’s.
The first time I went there (2 years ago) it was like a sort of after-work party.
We got a short class in how to make those (and Mojitos but those aren’t nearly as good).
When I make them myself, they’re a bit more sour (also more alcohol I bet) which is fine but I have to admit, the ones at the restaurant look better.

I could write for a while longer about the fun eating (and drinking) experience that is Rodizio.
But I am being urged by Niki to go to sleep (it’s 11.30 pm at the moment)
Which is fine, it just means I’ll be one day closer to the day I get to go there again with her 🙂

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What now? (Or: Dutch word order rules)

For “fun” I decided to research word order within the Dutch language. Most of the resources i have looked at tend to put word order at the end, for whatever reason. Since I was trying to finish resources in order (usually) I didn’t skip to that section.

But no more! I told myself this weekend that I was going to start looking at the order of words within a sentence. I did a pretty decent chunk of it using, but there is always more to go. Right now I am stuck somewhere in the many uses of Er.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as shown in that sentence diagram (shown here), but it’s pretty decent.

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Browsing (Or: European and American shoe sized compared)

On my last trip to the Netherlands, I quickly found out that the sneakers I bought for the trip just weren’t going to cut it. I go through shoes pretty fast, unfortunately. So Roger took me to a few shoe stores in the Hague, but not before I looked up my shoe size in European terms.

Since I wear a 7 1/2, I figured that I should probably look for a 38. After a few shoe stores, I was able to find a basic white sneaker that didn’t seem too horrible for my feet. Of course, the pair only lasted a week or two after I got back to the States, so it wasn’t the best quality in the world. But I think I only paid €15. (Incidentally, I went clothes shopping with Marco later that week, though I didn’t know my shirt size at all. I ended up with another 38! Bought the shirt at V&D in the Hague.)

Also a random fun memory from that shoe shopping trip: Roger and I went and got Burger King and brought it back to eat. It was nice and quick to order, so that won out.

But back to the shoes… I went to the mall yesterday to get new sneakers. I was pondering getting more black sneakers for my work outfits, but decided against it for now. Marco recommended that I get some new pairs and bring them over unworn to NL so I know I have something that fits. I am starting to think it’s not a bad idea at all.

For the record, I hate shoe shopping. Anything that takes more than 5 minutes of browsing and trying on shoes annoys me. But there’s really only a few styles that won’t kill my feet, so it shouldn’t take that long at all.

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Underfoot (Or: Neighborhood cat)

I finally got a good picture of the neighborhood cat that I see hanging around.

Just like his yellow coat, he has dark yellow eyes. He doesn’t seem that shy.

The first time I saw him, he was on the nearby sidewalk in front of this house. Half his body was on the grass, facing the house. Most of his tail was on the sidewalk, out straight. I think he was stalking something, since he didn’t move at all. I almost tripped over his tail before I noticed something “yellow” on the sidewalk.

The second time, he darted in front of me from the road across the same sidewalk towards the house – not even a foot away from me. Yeesh!

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Alterations (Or: Dutch for dummies book)

A few years ago, long before we decided that I would move to the Netherlands, Marco got me a Dutch study aid. It was from the popular “for dummies” book series.

Of course he felt a bit weird calling me a dummy, so he decided to alter the title a bit…

It makes me grin every time I see it!

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Freshman (Or: T-Minus 1 day)

I… am tired. I have been running around the campus like a maniac most of the day. The freshman come back tomorrow. I wish I had a few more weeks to work on my projects before they do! But c’est la vie.

In the morning, I hijacked my coworker’s computer (thank you Amy!) as it was connected to the color printer and I have to do at least 325 tri-fold brochures before Saturday’s scavenger hunt.

Somewhere in between my print jobs (25 copies in each group) I got called away to look at the new furniture that was being delivered downstairs in the Learning Commons. It is coming along beautifully after the stupid, heartwrenching flood in June.

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Handmade (Or: A Dutchie’s jigsaw puzzles)

Back in late October 2009, when I had only lived in this current apartment for a few months, Marco had to buy a birthday gift for a friend’s young child. While searching for a gift in a store, he came across blank puzzle pieces.

On a whim, he purchased four jigsaws and drew some images and phrases on each. He then had the bright idea to mail them to me a few at a time! So it was a while before I could complete the puzzles, though not forever.

“ik ben van jou” -> I am yours.

Funny story about the phrase above – he taught me two phrases back before I really started studying Dutch at all. “ik ben van jou” – I am yours – and “jij bent van mij” – you are mine. As I had zero grounding in Dutch, he was teaching me to remember it based on memorization, so he said “jij BENT van mij”, while making a bending motion with his hands.

So for whatever reason, that phrase reminded me of driving a car, with your hands on the steering wheel. So for a long time I could only differentiate between the two (ben vs. bent) by thinking of which one was where you were driving.

And this second jigsaw puzzle is proof that we have always been counting down days until we see each other again. At the bottom you can see the “80!!’ for 80 days. That would have been the Christmas trip where they visited my new digs for the first time.

By the way – it is 28 days and about 20 hours until we see each other again.

Not that we’re counting.

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